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Project Overview

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Lean UX and UI Design

Brief: Design a competition portal for Toyota Fleet Managers to select the best performing vehicles in their fleet range, with an exclusive sporting prize on offer to the five winners.

Agency: MercerBell

Team: Head of UX, Art Director, Copywriter, Front End Developer & Digital Designer/UX

Process: Sketching, Paper Prototype, User Flow and Developer Estimation Session.

User Needs & Pain Points


Needs - Easy navigation, fast process, clear labeling of navigation items.

Pain Points - Complicated process, too much detail, long winded forms.


Needs - Assign to a staff member, clear action points, older browser compatibility.

Pain Points - Rather be in car yard selling cars than in front of PC.


Needs - Familiar visual metaphors, clear process, fast tasks, low attention span.

Pain Points - Poor copy, too many steps, unnecessary detail.

Receiving the kit

Marketing Flow

  • Receive direct mailer kit
  • Directed to the landing pages url through the promotional kits call to action
  • Discover action points - Clear headlines on landing page
  • Select three top performing vehicles
  • Register details

Wireframes - Rapid Sketching

Paper Prototypes

Test 1

The user was handed the paper prototype and asked to interact with elements as they felt natural. Uncertainty existed in this paper prototype due to the form and vehicles competing for space and the user wanting to fill out the form first due to its position in the layout.

Test 2

This format had a better flow by positioning the form after the vehicle selections; as a result, the user selected the vehicles prior to attempting to fill the form. Clicking the vehicles themselves seemed unintuitive and a button was required to make the process clearer.

Test 3

This integrated the button into the vehicles’ "player" card, which resulted in better user feedback and provided the participant with an opportunity to select the vehicle or read more detailed information about the selected car and its Toyota Fleet performance indexing.

Testing Summary

Well Received

  • Click on the cars to view extra detail in modal
  • Viewing all cars in the browser at once
  • Clear vertical blocks of focus

Poorly Received

  • Shoe horning form and cars side by side
  • Lack of detail about the categories
  • Full width form fields

Visual Design

Final Design / Flow